Acercon flexo is a high speed camera based register control system specally customized for flexographic printing. With its state-of-the-art image processing and control systems, Acercon flexo achives quick and consistent lateral and circumferential registrations there by reducing your set-up time and printed waste ! The system is highly affordable and offers faster ROI. The system support upto 10 colors and have various advanced features for efficient operations. We also also upgrade manual flexo machine with motorization and installation of our register control system.


  • Real-time precision monitoring of register & tight control loop for instant registration
  • Circumferential and lateral color register control
  • Automatic adapting to Processes and faster response with multiple motor control at the same time facility
  • Reduced setting up times and quick registrations
  • Enhanced GUI for effortless operations
  • Suppport upto 10 Colors
  • Motorization of manual presses.
  • Use of the latest image processing technologies and most up-to-date micro-electronics


Image Processing Unit

The embedded Image Processing Unit is built on new generation CPU and latest image processing technologies to deliver maximum performance.

High Speed Camera

We use one of the world’s best and high speed image sensors for fast detection of registration marks. The system enables early detection of color marks even during low density to achieve instant registration especially during start-up.

High Speed Controllers

Asaies with its many years of experience and R&D have developed high speed embedded controllers that seamlessly work in harsh environments to deliver maximum performance.

Graphical Operator Console

Our unique graphical operator console is highly user-friendly and simple to use for operators. The new generation operator console has many new and advanced features which are not available in competitor systems.

  • Allow multiple consoles with camera allocation among operators
  • Operator console is accessible through new generation gadgets like laptop/tab/mobile etc. for remote view/controlling
  • Supports Windows/Linux/Mac Platforms
  • Motor Performance Graph View
  • Real-time information like camera temperature, color density level, detection level, processing time, motor position, registration variation, speed, good copy count etc. on screen
  • Easily switch between graphical and live view
  • Hands free operations from start to stop
  • Dynamically set color orders, master, scan range etcs
  • Enable/Disable color easily
  • Easy configuration and settings, multiple layout options
  • Paper tension related circumference variation controlled by software
  • Dynamically set color orders, master, scan range etcs
  • Useful alert/indicators for status like motor limit, color disable detection etc.
  • System log for performance monitoring and debugging of issues
  • All in one software for Registration and Die-Cut with a highly user-friendly GUI