Inksmart Ink Presetting System from Asaies will significantly reduce the make-ready time and also ensure accurate colors from start of the press there by saving a lot of paper and ink. Asaies CIP server will process the 1 bit electronic file from pre-press in real time and generate the ink key values to set the keys instantly and accurately.


  • Compatible for 1bit TIFF/PPF/CIP3 files for automaticink pre-setting
  • Seamless real time integration between Pre-Press and Press
  • Ensure pre-set with the right data for optimal inking
  • Eliminate printer’s skill to set the ink zone and print accurate colours
  • No scumming issues
  • Profile setting for each ink key to overcome mechanical inaccuracies
  • Suitable for Sheet-fed and web offset presses
  • Highly user-friendly operator console for efficient operations


  • Setting of exact values from startup will produce accurate colors early
  • Greater saving through significant reduction in wastage of Paper, Ink and Labour.
  • No dependency on skilled operator for ink key setting
  • Faster make-ready
  • 100% Error free operatons