Asaies Splicer Control SCX-100 is a replacement electronic control system for Butler Datamat circuit boards and displays in Bulter Splicer Model 6000. Many printers are not able to use their expensive and mechanically excellent machines due to faulty electronic systems or due to difficulty in getting spares of old components. Asaies has developed a new generation electronic system for Butler Splicer model 6000. With our new system including touch display and main board, we have replaced almost six expensive boards and two front panel displays. The upgraded system ensured 100% automatic operations and also new features needed by the operator to ensure maximum waste saving!

Key Features

  • A highly user-friendly HMI based touch console with quick response
  • A single console in place of two Datamat consoles for easy operations
  • A new PCB and controller replacing many old boards leading to huge saving
  • Auto and Manual options with additional features
  • Improved operational efficiency and waste saving
  • Plug and Play feature, Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Additional settings for auto operations