Asaies Web Guide

AWG-100 - Asaies High Precision Web Guide has been developed to provide high precision web guiding at an affordable cost. The system uses high quality and latest image sensor and offers high accuracy for your guiding applications. Also it has a wide scan range of upto 30 mm. The system offers instant corrections and ensure web is aligned from startup and through out the print run to ensure minimum wastage. We can also upgrade faulty/existing web guide systems at an affordable cost. The unique touch operator console is highly userfriendly and offers many advanced features for easy operations and monitoring. Now users can manage Color Registration, Compensator, Cut-Off and Web Guide Control from ASAIES using a single operator console.

Why Asaies Web Guide Control?

  • High precision control with 0.01 mm accuracy
  • Handle up to 30mm variations
  • High performance electro mechanical actuator
  • User-friendly touch operator interface
  • Real time view of all important information & alerts
  • Auto/Manual Functions
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

Features (Operator Console)

  • A single operator console that helps you monitor and handle multiple web guide controls
  • Easy offset setting through touch console or switches
  • High performance electro mechanical actuator
  • Import information like IPH, Copy count, Edge variation etc through graphical display
  • Support Multiple console through LAN/Wi-Fi
  • Easy Configuration and sensor settings
  • Hands free operations